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May 5, 2001 graduated from Southern Illinois University- Edwardsville as a Bachelor of Art, graphics to be specific. This gallery was created for two reasons. The first being that I wanted to show off the photographs, and two I had to make a page anyway for my CMIS 108 class. Since I had to make this page, I included a few things I normally would not have done, such as including internal links like the ones found above. If you have any questions or coments please send them to

Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 Project 4

Project One:
First photography course, and learning how to use a camera. Working with color slides while the new photography studio at SIuE was receiving its finishing touches.

Project Two-Four:
The photography studio is finished and attention turned to learning how to process Tri-x, black and white, 35mm film and print on Ilford RC 8X10 glossy paper.


1992-1996 Artwork done in high school
1996 Basic Design
1996 Drawing
1997 Sculpture
1997 Figure Drawing
1998 Printmaking
1998 Figure Drawing II
1998 Oil Painting
1999 Metalsmithing
1999 Fibers
Some artwork done in my free time